Interviews and Articles

This is my dumping spot for interviews and articles. Mostly it’s here so my girlfriend can find them. I think some of them are interesting. Maybe you will too. Just as a warning, many of the recent ones feature me talking about (some might say shilling) the upcoming Pathfinder Playtest. Those that deal primarily with the playtest feature an asterisk (*)

*SP13: Pathfinder 2e Core Rules Interview with Stephen Radney-MacFarland (Roll for Combat podcast) 7/22/2019

Bend the Knee – Samroald’s Travelling Emporium (A discussion about magic items, where I talk about the adventurers’ vault, a magic item I designed for my home games that didn’t see the light of publication. The adventurers’ vault for Delve was featured as the Friday Sneak Peek on 7/19/2019 at the Delve Patreon site. This article on Bend the Knee was published on 7/17/2019

*Adventure Marches On ( blog post) 7/15/2019

AHHHH!! Real Flashbacks (Cosmic Crit podcast — Interview on the second half of the podcast about The Thirteenth Gate, which is Chapter 5 of the Dead Suns Starfinder Adventure Path written by me). 11/12/2018

*Know Direction 185: Stephen Radney-MacFarland Knows Maps (Know Direction) 8/3/2018

* Pathfinder Playtest (aka Pathfinder 2.0) Interview with Stephen Radney-MacFarland (Roll for Combat) 8/13/2018

* Meet Stephen Radney-MacFarland – Pathfinder Second Edition (Obligatory RPG Show podcast) 4/21/2018

*Secrets of Alchemy ( blog post) 4/20/2018

*All About the Alchemy (Techraptor interview) 4/9/2018

*The Alchemist Preview ( blog post) 4/9/2018

Conversation with Stephen MacFarland (Uncle Matt’s D&D Studio video) 3/29/2018

*The Rogue Preview ( blog post) 3/26/2018

*Pathfinder 2nd Edition with Stephen Radney-MacFarland (RPG Brewery video) 3/22/2018

Alignment in D&D (Tome Show podcast) 10/30/2017

Game Design with Stephen Radney-MacFarland (RPG Brewery video) 3/16/2017

AetherCon V – Different Schools of Thought: Character Class Design (Aether Con V video) 1/19/2017

Live Evil with Stephen Radney-MacFarland (Know Direction video) 3/23/2016

Stephen Radney-MacFarland Unchained (Know Direction video) 4/8/2015